Florentijn de Boer


  2.  2018, 5 x 160 x 120 cm, oilbar on canvas 

  3. 2017, 210 x 290 cm, oilbar on canvas

  4. 2017, 210 x 160 cm, oilbar on canvas

  5. The consequence of a flown mood, 2017, 210 × 290 cm, oilbar on canvas

  6. A bit of air in the air, 2017, 200 × 180 cm, oilbar on canvas

  7. To strenghten themselves, 2017, 210 × 300 cm, oilbar on canvas

  8. To bite one's own tail, 2017, 1000 × 240 cm, oilbar on canvas

    In a continuous painting made with oil-stick on canvas, Florentijn de Boer ables the viewer an experience of observing and experiencing in an unconventional way. We see a painting made up of seven different pieces that in total create a sinuous movement into two separate directions. Through this movement she is able to conjoin the concrete appearance of the canvas with the rather a morph shapes depicted on the surface.
    The painting acts as a scenery with continuity, as an innerly experience which gradually makes way for observing. It is a journey for the eye that through the act of viewing transforms itself into a physical experience. With the monumental dimension of the in total 2,40 by 10 meters the painted illusion has been made physical and moulds like a dance in it's own form. The energetically charged and colorful fibers that Florentijn depicts, open up different associations that bring you from one state of mind to the other, being both fluid and solid at the same time. 

    Elly Strik, 2017

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